7 tips for personal success

Whether you are a clerk in federal office, janitor in a public school, university student, small time business man, a budding entrepreneur or a chairman of an MNC Corporation we all have an in built common desire to succeed.

The desire to get better, to move towards a brighter better future is nature’s inbuilt characteristic which we are all born with. The desire to succeed is a common desire, right from kinder garden to graduation, students strive for success, a working professional from his 1st job till retirement aim for success,from your first day of marriage till the last day of marriage a couple is work towards a successful marriage.

How do we succeed?

Success in its essence is a relative factor of the progress from a relatively lower level to a relatively higher level at a given pace. Success to a college student is superior grades and a passing graduation. Eventually success is measured by progress.So when an individual from any of life is unable to make progress at the rate and pace at which he desires he / she is faced with a no success or failure.

Many feel like everything in life was going well, until they came to a point where they have not hit a wall or feel like they are hit a lid and cant go further. You begin to feel like your success has been stalled by an invisible wall and you can seem to go further- you feel stagnant.Many a times we wait and wait, believing and hoping things will change and when we see no progress, we begin to loose hope, become depressed and loose our morale and question why we are unable to succeed.

Everyone faces this problem at some point in life and everyone are faced with this question on why I cannot succeed.Sometimes these questions and thoughts of failure and depression will seem to take us down that we loose out on our motivation levels and will find it difficult to make any step towards change.

I would like to share 7 tips with you to help you succeed.

Your mind is the first place where you succeed or loose. Often times it is your mind that first throws in the towel.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, thought of affirmation that you can succeed. That this failure is only temporary and that you will come out of this situation and move to a better tomorrow. Read out positive and uplifting words to yourself every day, if possible at the beginning and end of each day. Tell yourself some words like “It is Ok, I can do better tomorrow. What happened has happened, I can fix this. Nothing is impossible to fix, It will all fall in place.”

Take a fair assessment of the thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind. It is natural for thoughts of defeat and discouragement to come into our minds, but we must n’t allow them to dwell in our minds for long. Positive thoughts can fill you with strength and negative ones can take your strength out. Never allow a negative thought to dwell on your mind for more than 2 minutes, unless you are working on a constructive plan to tackle a problem.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you, this could be a mentor or a friend who believes in you and try and avoid all those who discourage you. It could be your spouse or your loved on, perhaps just a warm smile from them is sufficient to affirm you. Or even a business network or a friends circle that is encouraging and motivating.

You cannot achieve what you cannot see. What is vague often remains vague.

Think through an write down your Success Goals. Make a weekly action list which starts on a Monday and review it on a Friday or Saturday morning. Check how well you have worked towards your goal. Simple 5 things you can do each week towards your Goal. Jot them down in personal diary. Place it on your study table. Look at it every morning and evening. Jot down your progress each day or each week.

Having a mentor or helps this process become easier.

Have someone who you can be accountable to on a personal level. Some one who can assess your progress and motivate you to do better or appreciate your progress motivate you. Some who can review your progress regularily and advise areas of improvement. Meet regularily if possible with this person. This person need not be a subject matter expert of your goal, sometimes it is hard to find someone from your field who understands your goal and who has the time to help you

At the end of your week, take 1 hour for yourself. Appreciate yourself for the steps you have taken. Feel good about the progress you are making

Reflect on your goals, your fears, your actions, your thoughts and decide on what you need to increase in your life. Do you want to increase more time with positive people, do you want to spend more time with your Mentor. What has slowed you down, your fears, how are you tackling your fears.

What steps you need to add to your Goals what steps need revision. If you need to revise your pace.

Reflect and revise you are not far away from our Goal.