Ron is the author of the International best selling book The Success breakthroughs. This book captures success stories of people who have applied the success principles in their lives and have experienced breakthroughs in areas of their lives where they have been tied down. This book is co authored by ‘America’s No. 1 Success Coach‘ Jack Canfield and is sure to give you a principles that will change your outlook and set you on a course for success.


Ron is the author of the ebook, How to fall in love in 7 days? in which he captures the nail biting story of how he and his wife got engaged in 7 days while holidaying and travelling through 3 different cities in South Asia.  In his book he offers 7 challenges to his readers to help them attract the right partners into their lives.

“This wonderful book reads like a love story because it IS a love story. I love a book that can entertain as well as educate, and this book certainly measures up well to both of those things. For many years (close to 40 years in fact) I have passionately studied personal development. I have read thousands of books, written a dozen books myself, attended countless seminars…You will likely not want to put this book down until you have finished it (that was my experience). I am grateful this book was written to benefit you. Enjoy!”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Happy Wife, Mother, Grandmother

“The Universe brought us together, there’s no question about that! We were both doing something we absolutely love to do (learning & playing music), and naturally fell in love with each other, simply by being us. How To Fall In Love In 7 Days is a wonderful guide to show you how to experience the same kind of special love we’ve found in each other!”

Jared - St. Louis, MO Anna - Bulgaria

“After a couple of years of online dating with less-than-stellar results, I finally discovered how to authentically be myself. Within a short period of time, I met Sabrina who was visiting California on her own worldwide adventure. Within 7 months, we decided to get married, and after living in the US for 9 years, we’re now living in Austria, enjoying the good life together – about to celebrate our 14th year of marriage. How To Fall In Love In 7 Days is the BEST and QUICKEST way to create results in your love life that you’ve been dreaming of.”

Trace - San Diego, California Sabrina - Vorarlberg, Austria