Celebrating Yourself

We are conditioned since birth to excel at the things we do, accomplish more and more, and we are taught that success lies in being ahead of the curve. In the midst of these aims and goals, we often forget to stop and celebrate ourselves. We need time to reflect on not just what we do but who we are, devoid of all these  accomplishments and achievements. We need to reward ourselves, feel joy in our existence, and take the time to just “be” and not “do”!

Doing this from time to time not only helps us be more confident and happier people, it actually helps us do things better and work towards our goals in a more meaningful way. When we reflect and celebrate ourselves, we empower ourselves to remove the baggage of unwanted thoughts and impediments in our life. It puts you into a higher vibrational state, which is a precursor and a necessary condition for getting abundance and fulfillment in life!

Also, we all seek recognition and admiration from others – the first person whom we should seek this from is ourselves. When we allow ourselves to be seen in the  warm light of our own appreciation, it automatically reflects and resounds in the universe and it all comes back ten-fold from others as well. It is vital that we not wait to appreciate and celebrate ourselves only after having achieved a goal that we have set for ourselves. If we look at every moment as “what next”, we fail to derive joy from the moment. Rather, each step is an opportunity to rejoice! It
increases the feeling of gratefulness and eliminates the limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves. Eventually, you get to a point where you are unstoppable and there’s nothing at all that you cannot be or achieve! Most of all, you know that you deserve it!