Preparing for success

5 Tools for Success

Everyone who is skilled in an area of expertise be it a mechanic, plumber, an artist or a doctor all owe a lot to their tools to get them ahead in their work.  An Electrician uses one set of tools while a plumber uses another set of tools each custom designed for their respective field.

If you speak to a mechanic who is good at his work, you will see the value he gives to the kind of tools he uses. If you a hiker who is planning on journey to a rainforest or to high mountain you will have a set of essential tools that you ensure are with you to make the journey a success. If you inspect his backpak you are sure to find a Road map, perhaps a compass, Some hiking bars and a and refreshments. But tools is not all that you need. You will also need preparation.

If you are person that wants to rise up from a place of defeat or mediocrity and move towards a higher place, a plateau or a peak, then you must to be willing to prepare yourself for a journey and gather all the tools that you will need to make the challenging journey to success.

Today I will speak about the Tools for success.

  1. Road Map

When you are planning to start out on a journey you will need a Road Map which shows you the  starting point of your journey and most importantly your destination. Many people know their destination but they don’t know the route that will get them there. Many a times successful people did not have a clear road map,but they certainly had a faint trail in mind.

To be a success you will need to identify the path, you will need to sit down and chart out a road map, on how you are going to go from Starting Point to the Your Destination.

If you starting point is A and your destination is Z, many a times you will not know the how to get to the H, I, and the S and the T. But you will know how to go from A to B and perhaps from B to C.

And only when you get to C you will know the specifics on how to go from C to D and perhaps on to E. Many a times the specifics of the road is progressively revealed to you as you take the route.

Without a road map to begin with, you are not going any where.

2. GPS or a Compass

When you are planning on a route you are not very familiar with you carry a Compass or a GPS.

This can be a trustworthy person of good repute who has traveled the same route or some one who is successful in your field. Some one who can train or mentor you and guide you so that you do not tread away from the path.

  1.  Nourishment

You will need nourishment to strengthen you during the journey. This is very important, if you don’t have necessary energy bars and water, you are most likely to faint and fall on the way.

On your journey of success, you will need timely encouragement and appreciation.

Without timely encouragement and appreciation the strongest person can fall out and faint on way.

You will need people who will speak life into you from time to time, you will need someone who believes in you, someone who will encourage you when discouragements and hopelessness and roadblocks come. You will need to identify people who will speak strength into you, life giving words into you encourage you to persevere.

Identify people in your life who encourage you, give life to your dreams, appreciate you when you reach each milestone, this could be your spouse, a colleague, friend. But identify atleast two people with whom you can speak time with and find strength.

  1.  Chart Your Progress.

On your faint trail you will need to set milestones, you need something to chart your timely progress. Else you won’t know if you are making progress and wont know how far you have come and how much more you need to go.

      5. Stamina or Endurance

The 5th tool you need is something inside you. This is something that comes only through experience. This is Stamina or your Endurance Level. Endurance is cultivated than learnt, it comes only from experience of making smaller journeys.

What is endurance ? When patience has been put to the test, you develop endurance. For any journey that is not easily tread, you will need patience or endurance. You will need something inside of you that is so desperate and aggressive that you are willing to go through all that comes your way, you are willing to endure all hardships that comes your way towards reaching your destination. Develop Endurance, the desire to endure all hardships a spirit of patience and endurance.

Nothing good comes to anyone who is not willing to wait while you are working for it. Be patient as you endure the failures that come your way.