Preparing for success


5 Tools for Success Everyone who is skilled in an area of expertise be it a mechanic, plumber, an artist or a doctor all owe a lot to their tools to get them ahead in their work.  An Electrician uses one set of tools while a plumber uses another set of tools each custom [...]

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3 key characteristics of a successful person


If I were to ask the question “What are the key characteristic of a successful person ?” The top 3 answers I get are - Successful people have special abilities or a successful person is so because of the opportunities he had or because of sheer luck. They may have some great talents or [...]

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7 tips for personal success


Whether you are a clerk in federal office, janitor in a public school, university student, small time business man, a budding entrepreneur or a chairman of an MNC Corporation we all have an in built common desire to succeed. The desire to get better, to move towards a brighter better future is nature’s inbuilt [...]

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Who needs a Mentor ?


Anyone who has ever wanted to achieve anything in life has a journey to go through. This could mean setting up a business, finding success in a job, or even looking for fulfillment in relationships. It always helps to learn from the experience of someone who possesses the knowledge and information about these aspects. [...]

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Celebrating Yourself


We are conditioned since birth to excel at the things we do, accomplish more and more, and we are taught that success lies in being ahead of the curve. In the midst of these aims and goals, we often forget to stop and celebrate ourselves. We need time to reflect on not just what we [...]

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Investing in Relationships


No person exists in isolation in society. Even the most introverted of us thrive in tandem with other people. For this reason, it becomes as vital to invest in relationships as it is to invest in one’s self-development – in fact it would not be an exaggeration to say that both go hand in [...]

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