Who needs a Mentor ?

Anyone who has ever wanted to achieve anything in life has a journey to go through. This could mean setting up a business, finding success in a job, or even looking for fulfillment in relationships. It always helps to learn from the experience of someone who possesses the knowledge and information about these aspects. This is where a mentor comes in!

Benjamin Franklin once famously declared “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” A mentor helps you achieve exactly this – experiential learning that you can immediately apply in the areas of life that you wish to enhance. Many a time, when we are right in the middle of one’s experience, it is difficult to stand back and objectively look at the situation from a bird’s eye view. Not only does a mentor have an objective view of your situation,he or she also analyzes what needs to be done to make that situation better.

With the sustained, gentle guiding hand of a mentor, it becomes a much smoother ride to achieve personal and professional growth. A mentor is a veritable, alive vision board for you, someone you can bounce your ideas off, get the answers you need, and seek motivation and strength from if the going gets a little rough. Think of a mentor as a guide, friend, and cheerleader all rolled into one!

One aspect of a good mentor that can be vital is his/her ability to infuse discipline into your life when you are going lax or when you start  viating from your vision. A mentor reminds you constantly of why you are here for, the goal that you have set your eyes upon, and thereby enhances your work ethic and instills more integrity. A mentor is indeed someone you can trust to do so without ever thinking that there might a vested interest behind his/her advice.

Very importantly, mentors can provide you vital links to other people, in the industry or otherwise, who will be catalysts in your growth in more ways than one. A mentor will pave the path for you to the right people and guide you on how to get the best out of the relationships that you build with these people.

Remember that having a mentor is a sign of your evolution and your desire to learn and grow!


About the Author:

Ron Johnson is the founder and CEO of Abundance Loves Me Inc., a global company specializing in training and development of individuals and organizations headquartered in Toronto, Canada. He has lived in multiple countries, traveled across the globe and proudly settled in Canada. Ron is a A Cultural Adaptability Expert, A Life Transition Consultant and a Relationship Expert. Ron is the author of the ebook, How to fall in love in 7 days? in which he captures the nail biting story of how he and his wife got engaged in 7 days while holidaying and travelling through 3 different cities in South Asia.